Click Here for Discount Dollar Days Prices

4 Days Only!
Friday, October 25th, 9 AM-10 PM
Saturday, October 26th, 9 AM-10 PM
Sunday, October 27th, 11 AM-7 PM
Monday, October 28th, 9 AM-10 PM


All Liquors, All Wines
On Sale + Over 30 Case Beer Specials

Special Red Tag Prices On Over 800 Products and Everything Else Is
25% Off Wine
12% Off Liquor

At The Register

-Every Wine & Every Liquor Will Be Discounted
-800+ Items Will Have Special Red Tag Prices ($1 over wholesale or close to)
-All Other Liquors & Wines Without A Red Tag Will Receive A Discount At The Register (25% Wine, 12% Liquor)
-20 Select Beers Will Be On Sale (whole cases)
-Items Purchased During Discount Days Cannot Be Returned Unless Product Has Manufacturers Defect
-There Are No Pre-Orders
-Sale Is Limited To The Products We Currently Carry

Dollar Days FAQs

  1. What are your hours during Discount Days?
    We will be open 9am-10pm Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Sunday we are open 11am-7pm.
  2. How will the pricing compare to your Dollar Days?
    The 800+ red tags will be very close to $1 over wholesale. Some numbers might get rounded by a few pennies, but overall the pricing will be similar. For all other liquors and wines, the 12% and 25% discounts will get many items within a $1 or $2 of wholesale.
  3. How good are the beer discounts?
    The cases of beer are all basically $1 over wholesale. In some cases a few pennies were added to round out the price.
  4. What does “wholesale” mean?
    By Wholesale cost, we mean what we paid for that item.
  5. Will you post pricing ahead of time?
    We will post the 800+ red tag prices and the beer prices ahead of time.
  6. How will I know how much I saved?
    The tags on the shelf show the regular price and the “Discount Days Price”. Our register receipts also show you your savings at the bottom.
  7. What if you are out of an item I wanted?
    We honor rain-checks. Tell the clerk during check-out the items you wanted and they will charge you for them. We will take down your information and call you when the order is filled.
  8. What if I’m out of town during the sale?
    You must make arrangements for someone to pick your orders up or do your shopping for you.