Pub Dog Brewing Company & House of Liquors for

Currant Events
Barrel aged Saison with Red Currants

Best (1st place) Barrel Aged or Smoked Beer in Maryland 2019 & Silver Medal (2nd place) Best in Show Maryland Beers 2019! Kudos to George Humbert (master brewer) and the staff at Pub Dog Brewery!

Don’t know about our series of beers? House of Liquors & Pub Dog Brewing Company started a beer series in 2017 under the name Doghouse Productions. We knew they had a great brewer and we had a fantastic beer ingredient, high quality whiskey barrels. In early 2017, we conceived our first beer Birds of a Feather, an imperial stout with chocolate, cherries, and orange peels. Our 4th beer Hellraisin was just released recently. These beers are only available in bottle at The House of LIquors and on draft on a very limited basis at Johannson’s Dining House & The Maryland Mallet. Our next two beers in the series (a double barrel imperial stout and a wheatwine) will be released in the next 6 months.